Published On: May 20, 2024Categories: News and Releases

Green Oleo – Supporting Women’s Empowerment in Africa

GREEN OLEO, a company listed on Euronext Growth Milan and one of the leading European producers of fine oleochemicals from renewable and biodegradable sources, confirms its social commitment by donating to Amref Health Africa, the largest health organization in Africa, promoting women’s wellbeing and empowerment.

Green Oleo sustainability

Women, especially in Africa, play an essential role in the community, despite facing discrimination and gender inequality. Investing in women’s empowerment not only improves the living conditions of women themselves, but also leads to globally significant social, economic and environmental benefits.

Recently Kenya has also been hit by torrential rains that have caused devastating flooding with many people killed and thousands displaced. Green Oleo, with its focus on community welfare and sustainability, recognizes the importance of supporting organizations like Amref Health Africa, especially at such a difficult time. The funds raised will be used to set up mobile clinics and provide basic health services.

Supporting international organizations like Amref means actively working to reduce gender inequality and improve the living conditions of African women.