Green Oleo S.p.A.

Green Oleo S.p.A.

fine oleochemicals from
renewable, biodegradable sources

We are amongst the main producers of oleochemicals in Europe, offering a vast range of fatty acids, glycerines and derivatives. The raw materials that we use are byproducts of the food industry and are sourced from the local area: an exceptionally short and highly-sustainable supply chain rooted in the circular economy. And thanks to our commitment to protecting the environment, our clients can guide their consumers towards consciously purchasing sustainable products.

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Renewable, biodegradable raw materials

We use renewable, biodegradable raw materials derived from end-of-life food production waste – mainly oleic acids and animal fats. An exceptionally short supply chain that is highly sustainable. We give a new lease of life to materials that would otherwise be destroyed, in an environmentally-friendly process rooted in the circular economy.

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Sowing the seeds of our commitment every day so as to reap the rewards in the long term

We consider what we do at Green Oleo to be truly green chemistry. We adopt production policies which reconcile our need for economic development with our commitment to sustainability, as we constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact and our consumption of resources.

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The wastewater produced by our facilities is constantly monitored and, wherever necessary, carefully treated before being released into the environment.

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Operational since December 2022 in order to boost the proportion of electricity we use that is produced from renewable and sustainable energy sources.
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Our cogeneration unit fulfils up to 68% of the site’s energy requirements. The cogenerator also produces thermal energy (steam and hot water).
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Since 2015, volatile emissions from organic compounds are thermally destroyed and broken down into carbon dioxide and water, thus eliminating unpleasant odours.

Certifications held by Green Oleo