Research and development department

Eight sustainability certifications and two industrial invention patents: we are an Innovative SME.

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Innovation, high performance and sustainability

Green Oleo’s technological development policies have always focused not only on production interests, but also on safeguarding the environment and constantly improving the already rigorous safety measures that protect our employees.

With our Research and Development department, innovation has always been one of our key values. Thanks to a prudent policy of investing in research and technology, over the years we have managed to curb the amount of resources wasted, instead reincorporating them into the production cycle and generating new value. In our eyes, this is truly green chemistry, a concrete example of the circular economy in action.

Thanks to our technologies, we are capable of replicating the composition of raw materials using olive oil, tallow and vegetable oils, reaching exceptionally high quality standards that are recognised by the entire market. Quality is one of our defining features, and in order to keep these standards as high as possible, research remains a top priority for us.

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