Published On: May 24, 2024Categories: News and Releases

Green Oleo – Beatrice Buzzella, CEO and President, interviewed at the microphones of Valore24, a format of ‘IlSole24Ore’.

Beatrice Buzzella, CEO and President of GREEN OLEO, a company listed on Euronext Growth Milan and one of the leading European producers of fine oleochemicals from renewable and biodegradable sources, was recently interviewed at the microphones of Valore24; format of ‘IlSole24Ore’. This interview highlighted Green Oleo as a company whose strength is sustainability and circular economy.

Sustainability as a Driving Force

Sustainability has been Green Oleo’s driving force since its foundation in 2012. Following a people-centred approach, the company has deeply rooted its commitment in the local community, investing in the heart of the town and building a relationship of mutual trust with residents. This tangible devotion to the wellbeing of the community testifies to the responsibility and inclusiveness that drive the company.

Defining the Sustainability Report

The company not only achieved the approval of the local community, but also attracted the interest of the financial community. In this context, the company prepared a Sustainability Report, taking a further step towards transparency and environmental responsibility, but also monitoring its impact and identifying new challenges and opportunities.

Future goals

Looking to the future, Green Oleo could further expand its social base, opening up new growth opportunities. Green Oleo’s story is an example of how it is possible to combine innovation and sustainability in true green chemistry, adopting manufacturing policies that balance the needs of economic development and sustainability, with an ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact and resource consumption.