Published On: May 31, 2024Categories: News and Releases

Green Oleo – Alessandro Viano, Commercial Director, interviewed at the microphones of Valore24, a format of ‘IlSole24Ore’.

Alessandro Viano, Commercial Director of Green Oleo was recently interviewed at the microphones of Valore24; a format of ‘IlSole24Ore’ focusing on the business world, highlighting how the company stands out for its sustainable strategy, with a short supply chain and a strong focus on innovation.

The strategy focusing on sustainability and innovation

Green Oleo’s positioning and strategy is based on an ESG vision and moving towards innovation. The company stands for sustainable products, supported by a short supply chain and in line with the Green Deal pillars. Through a low carbon footprint, Green Oleo is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products, actively contributing to the global climate change.

Mr Viano highlights how Green Oleo’s short supply chain is essential in a context of increasing geopolitical uncertainty, where supply chain disruption is a constant threat to many companies. Thanks to its philosophy of local sourcing and close collaboration with suppliers, Green Oleo is able to mitigate the risks of political and economic instability, ensuring business continuity without affecting the quality of its products.

The Future

For the future, Green Oleo identifies the esters market growth as one of the milestones for its development. Through its growth, the company aims to consolidate its position in the market and meet customers’ growing needs in terms of sustainability and performance. Moreover, the company will continue to invest in innovation and R&D, both internally and through strategic partnerships with companies and research institutes.