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Published On: December 15, 2023Categories: News and Releases

Green Oleo – Il Sole 24 Ore Interview on the strengths of the Company

Green Oleo, one of the leading European producers of fine oleochemicals from renewable sources, introduces its role as a player in supply chains for the cosmetics industry and presents the naturalness of its products through the words of its Sales Director, Dr. Viano Alessandro, in an exclusive interview with IlSole24Ore.

Green Oleo’s Mission

To be the market leader for products from renewable sources, in particular from olive oil, and to meet the demands of even the most demanding markets is Green Oleo’s clear and ambitious Mission. Green Oleo identifies the by-products of olive oil extraction as an ideal raw material for the proposal of its brand in the cosmetics sector and today is one of the very few operators and a European leader in the processing of olive by-products, whose treatment is technically more complex and delicate than other vegetable oils.

The Business

Starting with by-products from the food industry, Green Oleo is able to offer cosmetic ingredients such as stearin (e.g. for shaving foam) or olein (for hair colour applications) that are 100% natural and biodegradable, as well as a line of emollients for cosmetics. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as the enzymatic synthesis of esters, which are used in cosmetics as emollients, Green Oleo is able to offer high quality products without the contamination of catalysts and with a low energy impact. These features are part of today’s most advanced cosmetic standards and anticipate the demands of major brands regarding the containment of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of a cosmetic product . The goal of carbon neutrality is ambitious, Green Oleo is effectively preparing to achieve it as soon as possible.

Sustainability as a hallmark

For Green Oleo, the concept of naturalness cannot be separated from sustainability, ethics of procurement and performance. All these characteristics are enclosed in the most important olive-based Green Oleo ingredient line: a raw material rich in unique elements, such as squalene and natural vitamin E, with a sustainable supply chain that does not affect the availability of raw materials for human consumption.

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